Let's Talk About You
Let's Talk About You

  I work with all kinds of people, but they do have certain things in common.   My clients are
usually people who have achieved a lot, but who are going through, or are anticipating
a life stage change that scares them or that confuses them.

They don't quite know how they will adjust to it, make the most of it and be successful in this
next phase. They may have suffered one or more losses , frustrations, stress and feelings of failure,
and have no idea how to improve things and to begin to feel good.  They may be feeling a lot of pain,
but are otherwise healthy individuals who have generally functioned well. 

 They may find themselves overwhelmed by whatever it is going on in their lives and wonder if they will
ever live a fulfilling, happy life again. They may already know what they want to do next, but are not sure
how to get from where they are to where they want to be. They may have already started in the direction
of a certain goal, but are finding they are not getting there fast enough, or in the way they imagined they

 Perhaps  the phase of life in which they find themselves has turned out to be disappointing and they
want to do something about it.

    Does any of this fit you?

    In a few months to six months I can help you unravel things, honor the past, figure out what it is you want
to achieve. Together we will explore what works and doesn't work for you, and how to go about making the
changes you want to make.   My clients find a newfound confidence, great support and a new lease on life.
 I anticipate that you will too.

      Let's schedule a time to chat soon and to talk about YOU. Learn how I can help you develop new insights
and answers to your problems and practical ways to navigate your own life stage, family and relationship changes
 Let's find out if we are a good match for working together and let me help you move from sorrow
to survival and on to satisfaction and success.

      Have you reached a place in your life where you are just tired of the pain, problems an
d stress 
with which you have been living and you are ready to do something about creating a different life? 

       E-mail or call me right away. It's time to honor your old stories and build new o
Phone:860-242-5941 (messages)
Mobile Phone:860-402-0760

     If you would like to know more about coaching and how you can make some fabulous changes and
improvements, and I hope that is the case, please do visit my other comprehensive web sites (and blog).
     They are chock full of information, free articles and other resources.
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